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Rooftop Party


Restaurants located on the upper floors and even the roofs of tall buildings, will give you a new dining experience to celebrate birthday parties. With beautiful scenery around-the sparkling lights of the skyscrapers.


Included in price

Birthday venue:

  • Rooftop

Care before event:

  • Personalised consulting by your birthday party planner

Perfection during event:

  • Premium photographer with assistant (2 hrs)
  • Professional make-up artist
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Personal wedding butler
  • Special welcome drink
  • Decorated
  • Customised background music
  • Cake top flowers of roses and delicate leaves


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Choose the Birthday cake

+ Rp350,000
+ Rp650,000
+ Rp250,000

Choose the Photographer

+ Rp10,000,000
+ Rp25,000,000
+ Rp30,000,000

Choose the Rooftop venue

+ Rp12,000,000
+ Rp10,000,000
+ Rp7,500,000

Choose the Entertainment for birthday party

+ Rp5,500,000
+ Rp12,000,000
+ Rp9,000,000
+ Rp5,000,000

Choose the Makeup

+ Rp2,000,000
+ Rp30,000,000
+ Rp40,000,000
+ Rp55,000,000
Additional options total:
Order total: