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Restaurant Party


Make a birthday party by the beach, restaurant or hotel should you plan well from planning to implementation. In order for your birthday moments can be memorable well.


Included in price

Birthday venue:

  • Beach, restaurant or hotel

Care before event:

  • Personalised consulting by your birthday party planner

Perfection during event:

  • Premium photographer with assistant (2 hrs)
  • Professional make-up artist
  • Team of highly experienced organizers
  • Personal wedding butler
  • Special welcome drink
  • Decorated
  • Customised background music
  • Cake top flowers of roses and delicate leaves


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Choose the Birthday cake

+ Rp350,000
+ Rp650,000
+ Rp250,000

Choose the Photographer

+ Rp10,000,000
+ Rp25,000,000
+ Rp30,000,000

Choose the Entertainment for birthday party

+ Rp5,500,000
+ Rp12,000,000
+ Rp9,000,000
+ Rp5,000,000

Choose the Restaurant

+ Rp8,000,000
+ Rp12,000,000
+ Rp7,500,000
+ Rp5,000,000

Choose the Makeup

+ Rp2,000,000
+ Rp30,000,000
+ Rp40,000,000
+ Rp55,000,000
Additional options total:
Order total: