SML Event / FAQ
  1. What’s SML Event? 

    SML Event is a site dedicated to helping the bride or people to find their wedding, birthday party inspiration. the site of The Bride Dept is www.sml-event.com In SML event website there are many different types of articles that talk about marriage, starting from preparation , to the vendor who can help realize the wedding.

  2. What can I find in SML Event? 

    SML Event Site is divided into five parts: The Wedding, The Engagement, Behind The Scene, Meet The Expert, and How To.

  3. What is meant by “The Wedding”? 

    “The Wedding” is a column that discusses marriage in Indonesia is inpirational. We split them into two categories, namely traditional marriage and internationally. In each article, we’ll show you the story as well as detailed coverage of the wedding couple.

  4. What is meant by “The Engagement”? 

    “The Engagement” is a column devoted to the stages before the wedding that application. Such as the “The Wedding”, in this column we feature stories and photos from the event.

  5. What is meant by “Behind The Scene”? 

    “Behind The Scene” discuss everything related to the stages before and after wedding ceremony. We divide it into several parts, such as Beauty Preparation, Honeymoon Story, Bridal Shower, Pre-wedding Photos, and more.

  6. What is meant by “Meet the Expert”? 

    Wedding industry is an industry that involves many people in it that the wedding itself can take place smoothly. We believe that the bride should know the vendor that he uses it well. Therefore, the “Meet the Expert” aims to know more vendors such as Make Up Artist, Photographer, Designer, EventPlanning / Stylist, and others.

  7. What is a “How To”? 

    The “How To” specially prepared for the bride to be preparing the wedding more easily. In this column, we provide a wide range of tips and tutorials on topics of interest that can be done alone by the bride and groom.

  8. How SML Event. obtained the story about the couple? 

    All the articles published were the work of a team of The Bride Dept of interviewing prospective bride / bride directly. Besides, we also received a wedding story from the readers. (See number 11)

  9. How can I sign up to become a member of SML Event? 

    You can click “Sign Up” in the top right corner and enter your personal data in the fields.

  10. What benefits are offered when incorporated with the members of SML Event? 

    You will receive the newsletter in order to stay abreast of the latest article from SML Event. Members will also get a lot of free printables designs to become a member.

  11. How to be covered by SML Event? 

    You can submit your story with a partner to customercare@sml-event.com. Do not forget to write down basic information about your wedding, as is customary used, the location of the wedding, and a little story about you and your partner are also some wedding pictures . Once we receive the email, you will contact you for further interviews.

  12. I do not live in Jakarta. Do I still can submit stories about marriage / my application? 

    Can. Wedding coverage or application is not focused in the Jakarta area alone. You can send your story to customercare@sml-event.com

  13. How do I advertise on sml-event.com? 

    We offer several types of ads on the site sml-event.com. For more information, you can contact customercare@sml-event.com

  14. How do I make cooperation with SML Event ? 

    We are open to various types of cooperation, especially everything related to the wedding and preparations. Submit your proposal to customercare@sml-event.com

  15. I want to be a contributor at SML Event. What should I do? 

    You can send an email regarding your personal data and writing samples you have created to customercare@sml-event.com.

  16. Does SML Event is a Wedding Organizer? 

    No. SML Event is not a Wedding Organizer. (See point 1)

  17. How do I know the price list of vendors in SML Event?

    For the price list offered, and instantly you can see on page Vendor Directory.